Living with Christian courage

A life of guided by the Great Commission is a life that must be lived with a great amount of courage. For the next three weeks we will look at the source of our courage, the battle that demands it, and the evidence that such courage is present In our daily walk.


Courage; The Evidence

What does it look like when we live with Christian courage? Surely there must be some indicator! We will talk about that this morning. Let’s take a look at the Great Commission and see what our lives should look like.


Courage; the battle

Spiritual war-fare! It is a seemingly constant theme running throughout scripture. It is a nagging reminder that this life we are called to live, the life of a disciple of Christ, is a life lived in a battlefield. Last week we looked at the source of our courage. Today we will look at the battle we are in when it comes to evangelism. We are at war, and if we are going to fight for the Gospel, we can expect Satan will fight back.


Courage on the fringe

I believe we are on the brink of a dramatic cultural shift in the church. The church has been in a position of prominence for some 1600 years. But we are seeing a shift to the margin – to the fringe. Along with that shift comes a whole new set of issues we must deal with. Evangelism in this new climate is going to require a new degree of courage and commitment to the calling we have received.