Motivated. Inspired. Broken. Disciples.

Our mission


Faithfully leading through intentional action, transforming lives by the power of the Gospel, into lives of full devotion and discipleship.


Our values


Motivated by Evangelism

Our most important task as Christians is to proclaim the transforming message of the Christ. We are courageously and boldly committed to the Gospel. We will be unashamed in our pursuit of the lost in our community, and we are constant in our support of missions across the world.


Committed to Unity

We believe with all of our being that the church holds the hope that people in our world are so desperately seeking. As the church, we are being shaped into the image of our Savior, Jesus Christ. With the cross as our example, we are a people of Christ-like humility and sacrificial love. As a united body, we will proclaim that hope to the world.


Defined by Generosity

We have been given much and we are a people who respond in kind. We will take care of our body and our community. We are generous – at times radically generous.  Because our God has been radically generous to us. 


Striving for Creativity

We are a people with a grand vision and mindset. We will be willing to think outside the box. We will not insult the Creator of the universe with small thinking, dreams, or vision. 

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