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In 2016, we are looking at a new spiritual discipline every month. There is a corresponding chapter for the spiritual discipline journals under resources. Join us on the journey toward spiritual maturity and greater discipline on our walk with Christ.





Honoring the commands

Obedience is an important discipline. I don’t believe anyone would refute this. However, the 10 Commandments often get passed over as a good activity for memorization in our children’s classes as they work through Old Testament stories. But there is much to be gained from observing these commandments as a guide to complete obedience. 



Creativity may not seem like a discipline. Actually, it isn’t a traditional discipline in many respects. However, in our lives of habit and routine, our spiritual practices and even our worship becomes at times routine. Creativity can enable us to connect in ways previously unrealized. Our prayers, our act of service, our relationships, and our witness is energized and invigorated through creativity. It is a part of God’s character that was passed on to us, and we are less than we could be when we neglect it.



As a culture, we love to celebrate. It seems like we are always looking for a reason to get together and eat. We celebrate every possible milestone in one way or another. However, when it comes to our spiritual lives, there is very little we actually celebrate even though there is so much more cause for it. As Christians, we should look for any excuse possible to celebrate. We should celebrate in our worship. We should celebrate in our relationships. We should celebrate in our work. We should celebrate in our salvation.



The spiritual discipline of fasting is one that has gone largely abandoned in modern day Christianity. But it is a discipline that has many benefits to the spiritual growth and maturation of the disciple of Christ.



This morning we introduce the discipline of service. As we seek to be a more disciplined people, we will see how serving others creates in us a spirit that is more in keeping with God’s will and leads us down a path toward Christ-likeness. We are never more like Christ than when we are serving others.



Prayer is more than simply a way of communicating with God. It is more than a habit we must get in to. It is a discipline that we must practice. As a part of the year long series on spiritual disciplines, we are going to take more time to dissect the discipline of prayer than the other disciplines throughout the year. During the month of February, we will dissect the discipline of prayer. There are many different aspects of prayer. There is the corporate discipline of prayer that is practiced during our times of worship. There is also the private discipline practiced in our everyday lives. Here is where we will camp for the next 4 weeks. Prayer is often vocal, but it can encompass so much more of our existence if we would allow it. I encourage you to experiment with different kinds of prayer activities and postures in order to deepen your connection with the discipline of prayer. 



Praise encompasses many different aspects of our Christian walk. Praise likely brings to mind the corporate worship assembly. However, we will be looking at the personal discipline of praise and how it affects other aspects of our lives. When we become more adept at the discipline of praise, we are less vulnerable to the attacks of the Evil One, because our focus remains on the Victorious One.